Would Reagan have turned over in his grave or moved to Russia himself?

1:03, 21 мая 2021

МОСКВА, 20 мая 2021, Институт РУССТРАТ.

The news that the former adviser to President Ronald Reagan, Suzanne Massey, appealed to Vladimir Putin with a request, very ambiguous by its nature, to obtain Russian citizenship caused an active discussion in the media and on social networks.

Some people wonder whether it’s too late or not to change one’s citizenship at the age of 90. Others are trying to determine whether her real contribution to the end of the Cold War indeed corresponds to how this moment is presented by her as a merit?

And then there are those who try to understand who the film actor who became the president of America was, and to what extent he could even listen to the opinion of his adviser. Especially because he treated communism kind of like an alien invasion, i.e., as an absolute infernal evil that has no right to exist in the normal world. And also because his choice of assistants corresponded to this. So why would it suddenly happen?!

All the mentioned points really have a right to exist. But it is precisely the latter one that most clearly characterises the essence of what is happening in the US today. However, not only there, but also the entire Western world was covered by a wave of absolute madness, completely destroying its very basis of civilisation.

And not just by shifting the emphasis a little closer to the Democrats or a little more to the Republicans. America was covered by a real zombie apocalypse. Only in the production of Hollywood, it was shown in the form of an invasion of the dead, while in fact they turned out to be quite alive, but no less alien and aggressive because of it.

So fundamentally alien that they began to cause horror even among those who, not very long ago, considered the Soviet way of life to be the centre of evil. It turned out that in the face of this disaster, the difference in views is no longer so important. Moreover, it is in general secondary to the foundations of civilisational normality.

It should be admitted that it’s a good thing. Russia has long had problems with soft power. We had it in the 50s and early 60s, when capitalism, realising that it was losing the battle for the minds and moods of citizens, was forced to expand social programs to a level close to the Soviet one. This gave Europeans and Americans paid vacations, health insurance, and retirement benefits.

But since the 80’s, it has become assumed that the Western way of life is certainly superior to the Soviet one. As a result, it became normal for people to leave the Soviet Union and then Russia for a better life in the blessed West. And even the obvious successes of the Russian state over the past decade and a half were considered as painted decorations of Mosfilm or “Kiselev propaganda”.

And now they are beginning independently to realise that Russia is turning into the only and last bastion of normality in this world. In the broadest sense of the word. The matter is not in the linguistic differences between languages, the matter is in the same basic cultural imperatives.

For example, that the family is a union of a man and a woman, and not “that kind of stuff”. That among people there are only two sexes – only two, not five, ten, or twenty. And that common sense cannot be moved, because it is as immutable as the law of nature, regardless of personal or political preferences of the moment. That there are things that can be done, and there are other ones that can not be done at all. Not at all and never. Otherwise, a human being ceases to be a human being and becomes an animal.

And this is good because it can serve as an excellent and very strong motive for changing the place of residence and citizenship for normal, adequate people who do not want to live in what the new reality is turning the Western world and European civilisation as a whole into.

Many or not many, but it can give to Russia a dozen or two million cultural emigrants. And then, for many others, getting to live in Russia may seem a very, very attractive idea.

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