What is Putin's plan?

20:35, 03 марта 2022

МОСКВА, 03 марта 2022, Институт РУССТРАТ.

There is not the slightest doubt that a long and carefully planned action is unfolding before our eyes. Probably, the outlines of this plan began to appear for the president already in 2014-2015 (the intention for it matured even earlier), when Russia, having been rebuffed by the united West, retreated on its historical marginal borders.

But this made it possible «through Crimea» to make a «Throw to the South«, to a key planetary region for its complete reformatting. To where the «Koschei needle» was located, the planetary «Gordian knot», kindly entangled during the Arab Spring by the Empire of Lies with its island satellites. Russia cut it, starting the process of shedding the planetary power of the United States, depriving them of «anointing for the universal reign of globalisation.»

Then the plan acquired more and more outlines and details. All conclusions were drawn from the last, 2014-2015, fight. Issues were resolved, reserves were accumulated, scenarios were worked out.

Import substitution has been turned on to the fullest. The internal system of interbank payments was tested. The latest weapons and rearmament of all branches of the armed forces have been prepared. Reserves have been prepared, mega-injections into the economy have been prepared to fuel it (National Projects) and a smooth restart at a certain moment — the moment of a hyperinflationary dollar jump. Russia has focused.

Lavrov openly spoke about the subtlety and multidimensionality of our plan, answering the question of the Ukrainian politician Shary, that this, like, is not some primitive one-way street for you. Colonel-General of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Shamanov hinted about this, describing our military actions in Ukraine as a backup for the second level of the plan.

The president himself said about it: «Russia remains a part of the world economy. And in this regard, to the extent that it remains this part, We are not going to damage the system of the world economy in which we ourselves are, and to the extent that we are there. Therefore, it seems to me that our partners should understand this and not set themselves the task of pushing us out of this system.»

That is, continuing his thought, which is what is being done now in all world capitals without exception: if we are completely pushed out of the system, then everything is adult, and we are no longer responsible for the system itself. Another public argument in the direction of breaking the promises once made to the system.

And here the glimmering hope for the presence in this whole plan of the «area of light» described in the RUSSTRAT report begins to become more and more real. There are more and more markers that we will play against the dollar matrix as a whole.

The plan provided for such an aggravation and it will most likely become the next step from which we will push off. It turns out that «I’m washing my hands» (diplomatic blitz) and «I’m coming for you» will now sound on a completely different level.

Against this background, China is closely watching the «Big Brother» who has stepped forward. «Brother» for us, of course, he has special features, with his very interesting vision. This makes the increasingly strengthening union of such different civilisational models a good guarantee of future planetary just community.

In the Middle Kingdom, they are waiting, evaluating, watching, in simple terms, so that we do not stumble. And as soon as we have, in their opinion, a complete military success – that’s when they will join in. Also, we have no doubt, according to the plan. When predicting the economic consequences of such a step, interesting points are found out, which are classified as markers of the «region of light».

The order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief «to transfer the deterrence forces of the Russian army to a special mode of combat duty» goes according to this plan. As we can see — in the track of prioritisation and raising rates.

The stakes are not going up because all sorts of historically labeled «hyenas of Europe» are voting. They are rising because of the panic awareness of the approaching reality, the exit from the Matrix, that has set in throughout Europe. And there is no paradox in the fact that panic at such an awareness inevitably brings this very «approaching reality» even closer.

Panic is pushing Europe to more and more ill-considered actions. Some of the sanctions were adopted so hastily and in a frenzy that it harms them much more than us. And here, in our mass consciousness — in the collective unconscious, all this Euro-frenzy begins to be perceived as a desire to finally bury us all. And we are already starting to get used to the back thought: who else should be punished there?

And now let’s imagine how justified their panic is, let’s take their place. All this hitherto unprecedented military machine, capable of rolling almost unhindered to the Foggy Albion, according to multiple Western staff estimates, what will it do when it rolls up to the borders of Poland with an armoured wave? A vehicle that has just done away with such a bad neighbour, «the second, after us, army of Europe”. With a trained army that passed through the crucible in real battles. Packed to the brim with Javelins, Stingers and other junk. Don’t forget the S-300, Tochka-U, Tornado and Uragan.

A military machine with strategic and tactical nuclear weapons, with carriers that are not detectable by any air defence in the world today.

Let’s take a look at our «not menu», in which you can’t pick raisins out of a bun. NATO on the borders of 1997. This is where we will start trading, and threats will disperse their forces on two or more fronts. What will be the further event-driven logic, and what steps it will lead to, we will analyse in detail in the future report of the Institute.