Biden's self-exposure

3:23, 05 марта 2022

МОСКВА, 04 марта 2022, Институт РУССТРАТ.

The situation around Ukraine is changing rapidly, you don’t have time to read the news, as it is already outdated. However, US President Biden’s speech to Congress on March 1 deserves to be discussed separately. First of all from the point of view of understanding the motives of the US actions at the moment.

In Biden’s speech, it makes sense to highlight several semantic blocks that testify to the political self-exposure of the American ruling class, the disclosure of its true interests.

The first semantic block is «American leadership», «unity of the West» and «unity of the whole world» in «condemning Russia’s actions».

It would seem that Biden can be satisfied here – the European allies are lined up, racing against each other in a frenzy of sanctions hysteria, and an anti-Russian resolution was adopted by a majority of votes at the UN General Assembly meeting.

However, «leadership» achieved not through moral authority, political weight and economic achievements, but through aggressive pressure, bribery and threats is an illusion.

Soon this illusion will disappear. This will happen when an average Western European citizen will realise what the «even more united West» brings to them and how the transformation of Europe into a serf, servicing the purchases of super-expensive American LNG, will affect their finances and daily life.

One doesn’t need to be a prophet to see the future: a drop in living standards and a sagging European economy will turn into inevitable political upheavals. And it is possible that very soon the impoverishment of Europe will radically change its political landscape, after which the current «unity of the West» will crumble like a house of cards. The revolt of Europe against the American hegemon is not a probability, but an inevitability.

Now — about the vote for the anti-Russian resolution at the UN General Assembly meeting, adopted on March 2. Analysing the results, it is necessary to pay attention to the real weight of the countries that supported it. The fact that the American demarche would be approved by US allies in Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific region was expected.

Similarly, the vote of many dwarf states such as the Federated States of Micronesia, as well as delegations that in fact do not represent their countries, was expected. An example is Afghanistan, on whose behalf officials who fled Kabul vote at the UN.

It is much more important to pay attention to those countries that have not succumbed to US pressure: China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Iraq, Syria, and a good half of African countries. And in them, for a moment, more than 4 billion people live.

Not all states are eager to impose sanctions against Russia: among them are Israel, Turkey, and even South Korea, which is closely connected with the United States, which seeks to keep its cars, smartphones, and household appliances supplied to Russia. A similar position is taken by the largest Latin American countries (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico), which also oppose anti-Russian sanctions.

Thus, the «world community» does not seek to integrate en masse into the American ranks. The «unity of the whole world» and American leadership in it is a lie. Speaking of this, Biden is bluffing and knows this perfectly well.

The second semantic block in Biden’s speech: «everything will be fine for us (Americans)”. And this is a message to the American society. And again, the American president, assuring that anti-Russian sanctions «will not affect the United States”, gives wishful thinking.

What can be said to this? Only one thing – no, dear former «American partners», everything will not be «fine» for you. You, too, have no idea yet how your own sanctions and Moscow’s economic response can hit you. A decision has already been made on an embargo on the supply of rocket engines to the United States, and, most importantly, on their maintenance.

A reduction in the supply of oil, aluminium and uranium concentrate will lead to the bankruptcy of many American enterprises. And the oil that has soared to $120 per barrel has already led to an increase in gasoline prices in the United States by more than a third.

Russia’s withdrawal from the dollar zone does not bring anything good for the United States either. This will generate a «domino effect» and lead to the withdrawal of other states from it. Already, world trade turnover is only 43% carried out in dollars (while in the 1970s and 1980s — about 80%). And now the zone of influence of the dollar will shrink, like a shagreen skin. This scenario is a nightmare for America.

Accordingly, the ability of the United States to meet the expenses of its domestic needs, provide a high standard of living, and live by the standards of the golden billion is sharply reduced. Even the funds pumped out of Europe (including through the forced hook-up of ultra-expensive American liquefied gas) will not cover these losses, and soon American society will feel them in full.

The third semantic block concerns Ukraine, whose residents Biden did not accidentally call «Iranians». And in this case we are not talking about the dementia of the «American Brezhnev», but about the unconscious «release of information», about the format of perception through which the American authorities look at Ukrainians. They are deeply indifferent to what Ukrainians are, what their language and culture are, and even what they look like (in the American media, pictures of «Ukrainian refugees» are illustrated by the faces of either Iranian or Afghan women).

Ukrainian «natives» are simply human material that is doomed to the role of a sacred sacrifice in the name of the triumph of American geopolitical magic. It’s also good that Biden did not confuse Ukrainians with Afghans, because then the parallels would have been even more obvious.

The fourth semantic block: the United States, according to Biden, is «well prepared» for the current events.

Here the American president has reached new heights of political self-exposure. For the whole range of measures involved against Russia (not only economic, but also informational and cultural ones, and arms supplies to Ukraine), do not even leave the thought that these are improvisations of the last few days.

The group that seized power in the United States after the presidential election in November 2020 has been preparing for war with Russia for a very long time. It is likely that even before it took control of the White House.

It is now clear that the «economic nuclear strike» (coupled with cultural and informational ones) was carefully planned precisely for the situation of a provoked military conflict in its hot phase, in which representatives of entire branches of Western business will be forced to join the impending ruin, rather than protest against it.

A military operation in Ukraine was inevitable, but, in accordance with American expectations, we had to start it, as in 2008 in South Ossetia, only moving towards the attacking aggressor.

And even better — to be in the position of Viktor Yanukovych, who on February 21, 2014 concluded an agreement with the Maidan protesters under the guarantees of France, Germany and Poland, and then was overthrown by them that same night and forced to flee the country under threat of physical liquidation.

The beginning of the military operation in Ukraine, the actions of the Russian leadership and the Russian army have confused the cards of our enemies. As a result, America had to unleash a total (according to Goebbels) war against us in the political, economic, informational, cultural, and sports spheres, not in the situation of the Kiev regime’s offensive, but against the background of the retreat and defeat of its Ukrainian proxies.

Now investments in the Ukrainian military infrastructure have been reset to zero, there are no more bases built with British and American money, and the Ukrainian «cyborgs» of the new type, trained by NATO instructors, will not be fighting for long.

Hence, apparently, some hysterical notes in Biden’s speeches, including veiled threats to the leaders of Russia, who, like saying, are «isolated» and «do not even imagine what awaits them”. However, the «isolation of Russia» is another illusion inherent in the American great-power consciousness.

Of course, America is still strong, and many states have to take this into account. However, since 2014 it has been clear that the American hegemony has been shaken and the process of reformatting the unipolar world has begun. After the results of the military operation in Ukraine are summed up, this process will accelerate many times. American dominance is coming to an end.

The processes of deglobalisation gaining momentum, building new centres of power, new political and economic alliances around the world are ahead – in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. And after a while, perhaps, in Europe.

These alliances will not necessarily be anti-American in nature, but by the very fact of their existence they will contribute to the destruction of the American-centric world model. With all the consequences that follow from this.

Against this background, I would like to ask Biden a counter question: does he himself understand what awaits his country? And what political fate is in store for him personally, as well as for the political group that put him forward?

Elena Panina, Director of the RUSSTRAT Institute