Afghanistan and Ukraine: the lesson will not serve a purpose

22:37, 23 августа 2021

МОСКВА, 24 августа 2021, Институт РУССТРАТ.

The departure of the Americans from Afghanistan, and the events that quickly followed, showed everyone what fate awaits American lackeys in any country of the world when they cease to be needed by their master. Actually, everyone already knew this, but the illustration is good.

In this regard, only the lazy did not gloat in the patriotic part of the Russian media and the Internet. What is it?! Many people have spoken about this in Ukraine, and even such characters who can not be suspected of sympathising with Russia in any way. And in America itself, some have pointed this out.

I would like to warn dear patriots from naive euphoria about the fact that someone in Ukraine has understood something and made conclusions. They understood something, and they made conclusions. But there is such a thing as the logic of circumstances. And in it, quite reasonable people often act like the last idiots.

The lesson of Afghanistan for Ukraine will not serve a purpose. And here’s why. Let’s list the reasons in ascending order of importance.

First, Afghanistan is not only a country of non-Western, but not even European culture. The number of people imbued with the ideas of European cultural dominance there is negligible. They look at a European there as an outsider, and they are not in a hurry to rush into his arms. Ukraine is a part of Russia, which is a non-Western, but European country. Therefore, Western “lace panties” easily and quickly drive many people crazy there. In Russia, there are also enough such admirers in Europe.

Second, think about who the proposal is addressed to, looking at what is happening in Afghanistan? The so-called political “elite”? These people do not associate themselves with Ukraine. They don’t care what happens to it. Some of them consider themselves part of the” world elite”, assigned to the economy in this country. The other part does not think about such complex matters, and simply “makes money”.

In any country there will be a sufficient number of traitors who will serve any occupiers, and appeal to their conscience and reason – the voice of a crying man in the desert. The more such people will be found in a country with an initially flawed, viciously stupid “national” ideology.

Who to appeal to, the people of Ukraine? And what can they do? The population of Ukraine has been brainwashed by 30-year-old Russophobic propaganda (with a 100-year preparatory period). But this is not even the main problem. The problem is the passivity of the masses.

Those who are active, at the beginning of their career, are not yet firm in some moral principles. They begin the path to the top according to the rules that exist in society. And it is known what rules there are in Ukraine. Those who did not dare to storm the peaks earlier will still remain quiet now, even if they understand everything. This is how the “logic of circumstances” works.

And the third and most important thing. Afghanistan is such a country. People living in it do not understand the word “nation” well or do not know it at all. They know their religion and tribal affiliation. This is enough for them to identify themselves. To maintain their identity, they do not need to practice hating someone who has a different identity every day. They have an identity, that’s all.

Ukraine is not a country. It is a part of Russia that has been torn away from it by its enemies. The people who inhabit Ukraine still remain overwhelmingly Russian, although many have already been dissuaded from this. This political and geographical education cannot live without daily exercises in hatred of Russia and everything Russian.

Ukraine is the anti-Russia. As long as it exists as a separate state, it will look for masters who will be useful against Russia. This is its essence. It’s written in her DNA. As a living organism, the Ukrainian state will always protect its Russophobic “values”.

There can be no improvement in the attitude towards Russia. This is a one-way road. Recovery can begin only with the return of Ukrainian lands under the direct control of Russia. But since nothing like this is planned, no matter how bad it is in Ukraine, and how many masters dump it, it will look for new ones. And don’t worry, Ukraine will find them.

As long as Russia exists, and as long as the West exists, it will always strive to destroy Russia. This is how European civilisation works. And this means that the rejected parts of Russia will always be needed by its enemies. And no matter how many people died in these lands, the enemies of Russia will always have thirty pieces of silver for traitors.

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