Why did the globalists launch a campaign to legalise cannibalism in the West?

0:43, 18 ноября 2021

МОСКВА, 17 ноября 2021, Институт РУССТРАТ.

At the end of the 80s, when the Iron Curtain was pretty leaky, the Polish comedy «New Amazons» («Sexmission») leaked onto the screens of Soviet cinemas. A simple plot about two guys who got into the future during a scientific experiment. The highlight was that there were only women left in this future, and supermen had to save a damaged world.

From a rather chaste by modern standards and funny story about the all-conquering power of love between a man and a woman, the censorship cut out all the piquant scenes so as not to embarrass fellow citizens. The shots when a man shouts that he wants to become a woman and the slogans of feminism were left, because in our country at that time such things were perceived as wild and ridiculous nonsense that can have nothing to do with reality.

The phrase of one of the heroines of an old movie seemed fanciful: «From what remains after the removal of organs, we will be able to synthesise a nutrient substance. Protein food is getting harder to get, cremation of corpses is just waste. This will play a dominant role in the program of providing people with food.»

Recently, in the first days of November, the media widely discussed the PR campaign of the Swedish vegetable meat brand «Oumph!», which offered users burgers with a «taste of human flesh» for Halloween. In a comic form, vegetarian soy meat cutlets with mushrooms were presented to customers.

The company’s employees explained that they can simulate any meat with the help of auxiliary ingredients. However, the video made to promote the products had an unambiguous message: either a doctor or a cook in a white coat enters the morgue, lays out utensils that look like pathologist’s tools. Next — splashes of red juice, the crunch of minced meat in a meat grinder and squelching burgers on the stove…

In a healthy person, this can only cause rejection and a vomiting reflex, but the organisers of the shocking advertising themselves have clearly got a taste for it. The representative of the company let slip about numerous «strange and not very pleasant» studies conducted in order to achieve the identity of the texture and aroma of the product. Of course, it all came down to «environmental problems» and, allegedly, the desire to feed humanity with plant based food.

The idea is not new. Three years ago in Finland, when the next season of the TV series «The Walking Dead» was released, potential viewers were asked the question: «What does human meat taste like?» Such a sign was displayed on one of the restaurants in Helsinki.

There was nothing forbidden in the recipe of minced meat made by chef Tom Wolfe, taking into account the revelations of real cannibals: pork, beef, chicken liver. Advertisers, as if by chance, at the same time reported that one corpse is able to feed up to sixty people. There were plenty of people who wanted to have a snack with an imitation of human flesh, especially since the promo was free.

There is a strong impression that the world is being prepared for the next stage of degradation of society – the legalisation of cannibalism. There are many examples.

A lot of noise was made by a grocery store in London, which since 2012 began to offer parts of the «human body» made from farm animal meat. In Bangkok, culinary designer Kittiwat Unarrom bakes realistic baked goods and cakes in the shape of limbs and heads of dismembered people. Buns with human faces are popular among pranksters. At least before the outbreak of the pandemic, the store was doing well.

If everything described earlier was offered to the consumer in the form of black humour, then some adherents of the popularisation of cannibalism went much further. Many people remember the story when the hosts of the Dutch TV show «Guinea Pigs» Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno ate a piece of each other in front of the cameras.

Small pieces of flesh were cut out of young people before the start of the program, well-fried and offered to them in front of the camera lens as a dish. Despite some confusion during the meal, the heroes of the program voiced their main idea: «There is nothing special about eating human flesh.»

American scientists have already developed a technology for growing steaks from human blood cells. Moreover, those who wish can make the product themselves by buying a set of bovine serum or expired human donor blood, and placing cells of their own body there.

For example, scrapings from the inside of the cheek. The steak was named «Ouroboros», after the occult symbol depicting a snake devouring its own tail. Among the ancient peoples, it meant the end of the existing world and the beginning of a new one, in other words, a new world order. Due to the high cost of the set and the inefficiency of the process – it takes three months to grow one tiny steak weighing several grams, we can conclude that the «Ouroboros» from human DNA was created for ritual purposes.

Nowadays, Magnus Söderlund, a professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, is one of the main mouthpieces of the legalisation of cannibalism. This «pundit» openly calls for cannibalism in order to combat global warming. He accuses those who oppose eating corpses of conservatism. Let’s note — it’s Sweden again.

Probably, the political technologists of the globalists chose Northern Europe for the startup, since its population by the 21st century has become quite manageable and submissive. Under the pretext of saving the environment, interested transnational forces are pushing people to an «economically advantageous» solution.

In the project proposed to mankind, of course, it’s not the economic component that is primarily important, but the destruction of traditional values, «dehumanisation». Pseudoscientists say that «eating the flesh of their own kind» is «normal» under certain circumstances, and can be traced throughout the history of mankind. The same «scientists» talk about the «naturalness» of homosexuality, childfree and feminism.

The one who makes the proposed step will break the taboo, they will not be the same. The person will turn into an individual of the «new world order», which Western strategists sometimes tell us about.

On one of the Russian liberal-opposition channels, recently recognised as a foreign agent, also, relatively recently, the well-known presenters were convincing their audience that eating the placenta, that is, the membrane of the human foetus that separates from it after the birth of a child, is very healthy. This once again confirms that agents of influence act in the same way with their sponsors.

The epigraph to the comedy «New Amazons» was a paraphrased quote by Polish playwright Slawomir Mrozek: «The future is today, but just tomorrow”. The heroes of the film of the 80s were transported fifty years ahead. And, therefore, the Satanic «program of providing people with food» is already on the threshold.