Poland has stepped on its own environmental rake

0:57, 12 июня 2021

МОСКВА, 11 июня 2021, Институт РУССТРАТ.

In the course of the “war against Gazprom”, the Poles, and the West as a whole, actively used the “ecological map”, believing themselves to be the most cunning. The tendentious use of “environmental concerns” seemed to them a convenient tool for safely shoving sticks in the Nord Stream 2 project and demonstrating the existence of an”alternative to Russian gas”. But then suddenly it turned out, as in the famous Russian proverb, about the fraught idea of digging a hole for a neighbour.

On June 4, 2021, the Danish Environmental and Food Appeals Board revoked the permit issued in 2019 by the Environmental Protection Authority for the construction of the Polish Baltic Pipe gas pipeline in the exclusive economic waters of the kingdom.

They say that the issue of threats to natural ecosystems for such a large-scale project is not sufficiently studied. Moreover, the deputy director of the Danish transport system operator Energinet and the head of the construction projects department, Marian Kaag, openly says that such a project “cannot but create inconvenience” due to its scale.

In general, until the Danish environmentalists are finally convinced of the safety, “show’s over”. Moreover, the timing of the new examinations is not specified. But it is emphasised that their result has a high chance of being negative for the “Polish pipe”, because the protection of the environment for the Danish kingdom is much more important than some kind of energy, especially in distant and completely foreign Poland.

It is all the more interesting now to observe the reaction of the Polish government, which demonstrates “deep amazement”, in the best traditions of “what use are we?”. How can this even be, if there are no problems with environmentalists on the Norwegian and German sites? And isn’t there someone’s evil machinations here, only masquerading as ecological experiences?

Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz said on Polish Radio: “We must understand that often other interests may be hidden behind environmental issues. It often happens that the ardent desire to protect the environment is cynically exploited by large interests.”

I would very much like to ask the representative of the Polish Foreign Ministry whether any similar “other interests” are hidden behind environmental issues about the Nord Stream-2? Or “this is different”?

However, we are talking about something else. In the comments to the news that appeared yesterday about the revocation of the construction permit for the Baltic Pipe, the joke about the “Danish business trip” of Boshirov and Petrov became almost a classic meme. With a hint that what happened may be a kind of “return courtesy” of Russia. But we will not multiply the essence beyond the necessary-not only Boshirov and Petrov is Russia famous.

In the reckless struggle against Nord Stream 2, Poles, Ukrainians and, especially, Americans, very thoughtlessly did not consider the means and did not think about the consequences, believing that victory would justify everything, including the massive fanning of hysterical populism in the environmental field. It was convenient because none of the environmentalists had to pay directly. There were a couple of “concerned” articles in major publications that successfully played the role of an effective detonator.

Then the populists, from pure social activists to political parties and movements, rushed to “protect nature” themselves. And at the behest of the soul, and with the aim of using a new convenient topic as an instrument of internal political struggle with competitors for power and influence in the country.

The defeat in the battle with the “Russian gas expansion” did not negate the fact of the release of the “green environmental genie” itself, which can no longer be driven back into the bottle. And this genie is hungry. The Baltic Pipe looks too sweet a bone not to cling to. Poland’s own energy problems, as well as those of the whole of Central Europe, are decidedly indifferent to it. Ecology, you know, is above all else.

That’s how the Poles stepped on their own “green rake”. Well, as is said, it serves you right.