Will the «conspiracy of the generals» sweep away the rotten power of the liberals?

1:58, 17 мая 2021

МОСКВА, 16 мая 2021, Институт РУССТРАТ.

Inside the French military it has been boiling over because of what was happening in their native country, as a result of which a certain memorandum appeared in the form of an open letter, released on an insignificant internal army professional “leaflet”, and addressed to those in power.

Its authors, apparently, did not expect such a tsunami that is currently rising in French society because of it. After all, such a bold statement was “dug up” and reprinted by a certain medium-sized local newspaper, after which it was reprinted by all the leading media and it blew up French society.

The appeal stated that in France de facto a racial civil war was already ongoing, and that “we “(the French) are losing it: “Entire urban agglomerations are becoming inaccessible to the police, the laws of France do not apply in them, the police are occasionally able to enter there in the form of not always successful special forces raids. We call for troops to enter such areas, otherwise it will be too late.”

What started here! The authors began to face all sorts of sanctions, up to the removal of all their regalia. Many turned against them, up to the level of the Chief of Staff of the French Armed Forces, General Francois Lecointre, who in an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien threatened them with all sorts of punishments. Pressure and shouting came from all sides – from government structures to all sorts of globalist NGOs. But this was still only child’s play.

The shock for the ruling elites became the fact that according to polls conducted by French sociologists, more than 70% of the population supports retired military personnel, and the use of troops in disadvantaged areas without government approval would be supported by about 45% of the French! 45%, Karl! 45% are actually for military coup!

The scandal began to grow, and now the active French military servicemen wrote an open letter to the authorities of the republic, in which they supported the appeal of retired generals who declared the threat of the collapse of the country. The letter was published by the magazine Valeurs Actuelles.

Among the signatories – land and air generals, there are admirals there too, more than two thousand active military! The appeal of the active military appeared to be even tougher by its content than the one of the “retired” ones. They said they agreed with the thesis of their retired colleagues, their “elders”, that France is in mortal danger. That they agreed that the country is in danger of a racial civil war, and agreed that there is a need to act. But they came out from even more radical positions!

An interesting point is that in the media, even in the Russian media, those messages that were given in these “cries of the soul” are somehow softened. Some minor theses are being highlighted, but the main theses are omitted. Moreover, I even saw some different translations “from the second letter”, which are far from the original source. As if they were thrown in on purpose, in order to smooth out the resonance. It’s a familiar handwriting, and further it will be clear whose it is.

I give a quote from the independently made translation, in order to remove this gap and to convey the central message of the acting French military:

“If we share the origin of these dangers: Islam, immigration, far-left (left-liberals), they seem to us simple symptoms of a deeper evil that must be fought if we want France to survive. Isn’t it naive to ask the political class that introduced the poison itself, to find an antidote?

For the most part, our country’s political class has been corrupted by big finance, which holds power on the stock exchange and control over the media — the elite that decides who will and who will not be elected.

An elite that relies on all sorts of influence groups: the Bilderberg Group, the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Jewish lobby of the Anti-Defamation League, and the Masonic fraternities.

Our political class exists only in order to submit itself to the dictates of those who possess power, that is, global finance. Such subordination, in particular, is imposed by the European Union and by its more than 25,000 civil servants, who are not elected by anyone.

When it comes to immigration, the disintegration of the nation, the increase in the number of emigrant enclaves, violence and the growth of racial conflicts — the political class at the helm follows only the road map that is dictated to it.

This is done in order to definitively destroy France, as a very ancient nation, which is a real obstacle to the Global Order. The most deadly threat to France is unbridled liberalism”.

If in that letter the military addressed the authorities, then these ones already indicate that there is nothing to speak about with the ruling elite. And about the fact how correctly the globalist trends that have captured more than half of the world, including France, are noted. The groups of influence are identified and the essence of the European Union as a conductor of globalisation is revealed.

The signatories of the appeals themselves, as human material, are being formed around a certain not yet crushed civilisational core within French statehood. Such forces, of course, are at this stage our allies in the anti-globalisation struggle.

And if about the fact that the Russian Federation, its young, maturing state machine, has stopped the onset of globalisation, it is not seen only by those who have their eyes closed, some of them – intentionally. Long ago, if it were not for Russia, they would have been sitting in the reserves of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), in which the role of sovereign states would be melting before our eyes, intercepted by the transnational elite, through their transnational corporations/monsters.

Of course, this signal is very positive for us, and shows what forces we can rely on in a Europe that is collapsing and going into oblivion. The former country can no longer be saved, France has its own Troubles ahead, but this is a real cross-section of that healthy conservatism that will rely on Russia as on an Ark.

French people from all walks of life are beginning to respond internally to such a memorandum. There are many healthy forces there and what is happening only contributes to their self-identification, growth and unification.

It is still fresh in the memory of how millions of people took to the streets in the spring of 2013 as part of the opposition to the neoliberal decision to legalise same-sex marriage and allow same-sex couples to adopt children. It was a kind of “Paris Spring”. 

It is also not for nothing that the military in their address specifically pointed to the Yellow Vests, classifying them as a healthy force to rely on: in France, it was often possible to observe how passing military convoys signalled in support of their pickets.

Of course, the globalist structures in opposition to the rising wave, which is growing to an incredible size in France, will now try their best to marginalise everyone and everything associated with this publication. And in parallel, they will financially destroy those whom they will reach, stripping them to the skin.

Lawsuits from the Jewish “Anti-Defamation League” have already gone to court. And unfortunately, this is only the beginning. The truth told out loud will not be tolerated there. And, speaking about these military, of course, as we are used to saying, there is need to hit first, and not just say that we should hit. But we’ll wait and see.

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